5 Plants For The Bedroom That Will Help You Sleep Much Better

5 Plants For The Bedroom That Will Help You Sleep Much Better

Our lifestyle these days and the activities we have , have made us stress over nothing and even to not sleeping well at night. Researchers have discovered that a lot of people nowadays have problem with sleeping and also spend money to fix the problem.

Lots of people try to fix this with meditation and relaxation techniques, natural remedies, banana tea, better mattresses,and various other ways in order to have good sleep during the night, but this hasn’t turned out to be positive for many people.

-Relieves headache
-Reduction of anxiety
-Improves the smell of the environment
-Improves mood
-Stress Reduction
–Improves brain function
-Help with the prevention of the cold
-Improves sleep
-Improves air quality
-A study by NASA showed the soothing and purifying effects of plants on the environment.

1. English ivy plant

It is an elegant but easy to grow plant, and NASA listed it as the most powerful air cleaner plant you can have at home. It is especially useful in the case of asthma or breathing problems.

It also reduces mold in the air by 94%, and as these pollutants are the main cause of asthma, allergies and respiratory problems, this plant will improve the quality of your sleep and also treat these health problems.

2. Lavender plant

You may have used the numerous beneficial effects of lavender essential oil, but only a few are aware of the properties of the lavender plant itself. It reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep, treats slow heart rate and even reduces crying in babies.

3. Jasmine plant

This exotic plant significantly improves sleep quality and increases productivity and alertness for the next day. You will lower your stress and experience calm just by smelling it.

4. Snake Plant

This plant is easy to grow and is ideal for decoration. It filters the oxygen and, therefore, improves the atmosphere in the room. Studies have shown that it also treats respiratory problems, headaches, eye irritations, and also increases productivity.

5. Aloe Vera Plant

This incredible indoor plant offers innumerable health benefits and is easy to keep alive. It emits oxygen at night, and therefore treats insomnia and improves sleep quality.

Also known as the “plant of immortality”, aloe Vera reproduces easily. So, spread everything around your house and experience its optimal effects.

The purer the air in your home, the better you sleep at night and the more healthy and productive it will be during the day. So, choose your favorite plants and place them in your home!



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