ALERT: Obama FURIOUS He’s Not President, So He Tried to HUMILIATE Trump. Your Response?


It is over Obama, you are no longer the president and you should deal with it.

It is just sad to see that he is still trying to damage Trump’s amazing presidency and sabotage him.

This last thing that he did is just unforgivable.

The G20 summit was in Germany this week and of course President Trump was there too. But what Obama did could’ve damage our country and the relationships President Trump can improve. It was discovered that Barack Obama sabotaged his 5 star hotel room and because of this Trump couldn’t get access to one of the hotel rooms.

Of course the summit was announced earlier in 2016 in February. This gave Obama a lot of time to almost destroy his trip to Germany. Obama should’ve make a reservation for the president like always and he has hundreds of people that can remind him for this but somehow he still “forgot” to do this. It wasn’t a big problem for President Trump and he fixed the situation right away. Of course when he got into Germany, no one knew that there wasn’t any reservation made.

Everybody that were interviewed from Trump’s staff said the same thing. And that is that “Obama’s people left everyone high and dry. They didn’t care enough to make sure whoever was president would have a place to stay,” Angry Patriot Movement reports.

Again, the mainstream media is trying to make Trump look that he isn’t disciplined and are turning about this situation in order to blame it on Trump. But all the rooms are always booked when the summit is announced, and it was announced while Obama was the president. By the time Trump stepped into office, all the rooms were already booked. It is just disgraceful to see that the former president didn’t have any respect for the next upcoming greatest president of United States, Donald Trump.

President Trump managed to find a place to stay in. But that place was the government-owned Senate guest house because all the hotels that he was able to stay in were already booked way before he even had a chance to book a room if he wanted to.

What do you think about this patriots? Share your opinion in the comments section below.


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