This Revolutionary Natural Recipe With Avocado Seeds Reactivates Leg Circulation And Fights Arthritis And Rheumatism!


The Incredible Avocado Seeds

Avocado (avocado seed) has powerful natural properties, if used topically, serves to revive circulation in tired legs and muscle and joint pain.

Avocado is a good ally for food. All parts from the peel to the seed are very nutritious for your skin, decrease cellulite, and stimulate circulation.

Poor circulation causes toxins to accumulate under the skin, inflaming it and causing the cells to dilate and causing fluid retention. The avocado bone works to massage your legs to stimulate circulation.

Avocado seed recipe to improve circulation:

As the avocado seed has a very bitter and astringent taste, due to its properties, you should first remove the thin layer of brown skin before consuming it. Grate the seed, and then toast for 5 minutes over low heat. It will acquire a reddish color. With this rasp can: prepare an infusion, boiling it for 10 minutes and letting it rest another 5, to go taking it throughout the day.

Warning: Excessive use of avocado seed can cause constipation due to its tannin content.


-1 avocado seed (avocado) + 2 tablespoons olive oil


For the topical use of the seeds first must: Grate the seeds and then add the other ingredients. Make a kind of cream. You have to let the mixture rest for a day in the refrigerator and then use it.

How to use it?

Perform circular massage and friction from the bottom to the top and from the soles of the feet to the thighs, in the case of joint or muscular pains. It also works against migraines, for this will massage gentle temples and cervical.

Other Benefits of the avocado seed you did not know:

– Revitalizes the body of fatigue and exhaustion

– Calms joint and muscle pain (used topically)

– Prevents tumor growth

– Prevent epilepsy

– Quickly removes blackheads, pimples and boils (used topically)

– Regulates thyroid disorders

– Rejuvenates the skin, since it favors the formation of collagen

– Works to treat asthma




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