Bay Leaf – A Plant With Incredible Power


Bay leaf comes from Asia Minor, which later spread throughout the Mediterranean. This magnificent leaf is full of vitamins and minerals. It mostly contains vitamin A and vitamin C and has most of the minerals such as iron, manganese, calcium, potassium and magnesium. An interesting fact is that the smell of bay leaf has insecticidal properties, it is chasing away bugs and it is also used as an anti-moth product. Previously it was believed that this plant causes abortion, but that fact is not proven and it is considered as false. Also excellent benefits are the reduction of blood sugar and destroying the infectious foci. Therefore bay leaf is considered as plant that protects the body from infections.

Bay leaf is great against migraine and it is one of the few plants that have a strong effect when it comes to this. Bay leaf oil is a cure for bruises and other marks on the skin. It is also proven that there is a very good effect on digestion, helps proper digestion of food around digestive tract. Many shampoos are bay leaf based because it has a strong action against dandruff.

This plant has a lot of really great power. So without hesitation, frequently use in your meals.

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