A recent study suggests extremely important that the chemotherapy can lead to damage of healthy cells that have been in this way are caused to secrete a protein that maintains the growth of tumors and creating resistance to further treatment.

Yahoo news says that US researchers get a completely unexpected finding while looking for an explanation of why they are so resistant cancer cells within the human body when they are easily destructible in the laboratory.

The effects had being tested of chemotherapy on tissues collected from men with prostate cancer and found evidence of DNA damage in normal cells after treatment. The study was published in the journal Nature Medicine.

Chemotherapy works by inhibiting the multiplication of cells that are rapidly dividing, such as those in tumors.

Scientists have found that healthy cells damaged by chemotherapy secreted more protein called WNT16B that enhances survival of cancer cells.

“Increasing WNT16B was totally unexpected,” says study co-author Peter Nelson with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

Further states: “When is excreted WNT16B, then interact with nearby tumor cells and arouse their growth and most importantly, causes resistance to the next therapy.”

Reputable publications Huffington Post notes that almost all tumors, such as those affecting the breast, prostate, lung and bowel, ultimately stop responding to chemotherapy. Scientists now determine the reason for the effect of treatment of chemotherapy on healthy connective tissue cells or fibroblasts.

In the treatment of cancer, tumors often respond well initially, followed by rapid re growth and resistance to further chemotherapy. It is also evident rapid reproduction rate of tumor cells.

One of the terrifying moments is waiting for results after completion chemotherapy, there are mainly devastating ….

We now have a clearer survey which we wrote about hereA in the Matrix World, which states: “3 out of every 4 doctors and scientists refuse chemotherapy for themselves because of the devastating effects on the whole body and immune system, and because of the extremely low rate of success.”

A team of researchers who worked on the study said that their findings confirm also the tumors of breast and ovarian cancer.

They conclude: “Our results indicate that damage is made in benign cells … May directly contribute to enhanced tumor growth kinetics.”

These results pave the way for research on new, improved treatment, said Nelson.
“For example, antibodies to WNT16B added to chemotherapy, may improve responses and kill more tumor cells.”

“As an alternative, there is also the possibility of using the less toxic doses of therapy.”

No radiation treatments are no better, it was discovered that radiation produces cancer cells up to 30 times more powerful than before, which we wrote about here .


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