A Famous Cardiologist Recommends This Diet With That Will Help You Lose 10 Kilos In One Week!


Nutritionists know what kind of food is best for the body, so they are usually the ones who create diets. If we want to get the best results from a dietary regimen, it is essential that we know which parameters we should follow before we even start one. Thus, we should pay the most of the attention to health. As we know, cardiology is a branch of the medical sciences that studies the heart and the circulatory processes. Before we start a diet of any type, especially a strict one, we need to consult with a cardiologist and examine our heart. This is recommended so that we prevent any health problems caused by the changes that our body suffers and to maintain our general wellbeing. One of the commonest issues nowadays is the excess weight. This issue is linked to the most of the heart attacks people suffer. This is why if you want to reduce your body weight, you should stick to the following diet created by a well-known cardiologist. This diet is accompanied by exercises as well and it guarantees to protect the health of your heart. The new diet recommended by a cardiologist is a great success The breakfast remains the same for each day of the period you follow this diet, and it consists of: One fruit (peach, pear, orange, melon, watermelon. You should not consume bananas or grapes for breakfast)


Lunch – One boiled egg – One cup of yogurt (200 ml) – One orange

Dinner – Two hard boiled eggs – Two pieces of rusk – Two tomatoes or 2 dl of cooked tomatoes – Half a cucumber or one small piece of lettuce


Lunch – One boiled egg – One orange – One cup of yogurt

Dinner – One tomato – 125 grams of boiled beef – One rusk – One orange – One cup of coffee or tea (without sugar)


Lunch – One cup of yogurt – One cucumber or a piece of lettuce – One boiled egg – One orange Dinner – One orange – One cup of tea or coffee (without sugar) – One rusk – 125 grams of boiled beef


Lunch – One rusk – One tomato – 125 grams of cow milk cheese

Dinner – One apple – 125 grams of boiled beef – One rusk – Two tomatoes DAY 5 Lunch – One tomato – 200 grams of boiled beef or fish – One rusk Dinner – Half a kilogram of boiled peas, potato, or carrot NOTE When cooking the vegetables or the meat, do not use salt. You can only add it in very small amounts. The sixth and the seventh day you should make a pause from this diet, and go on with it on the eight day.

You must not consume alcohol! After five days of the beginning of the diet you will lose five to ten pounds. Then, the pause follows, and you should repeat everything three times (5 days diet and 2 days pause). By doing this, you will prevent side effects from happening and in the end, you will lose up to 30 pounds. You are recommended to eat every day except on Mondays, and your extra pounds will never come back.

Here is the diet plan for the Mondays:

Breakfast: a cup of lemon juice without sugar

Lunch: an apple and a rusk

Dinner: a tomato, a rusk, and a boiled egg

It is up to you if you are going to consume these foods hot or cold, you just need to make sure not to skip any.

You are not supposed to change the order of the meals or replace one food with another if you want to see the results of this dietary regimen.



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