Melania SHOCKED By Muslim Nation’s Response After She Refused To Wear Hijab

First Lady

First Lady Melania Trump isn’t the kind of woman who hides from public view — when in Rome, or Saudi Arabia.

Melanie stepped off the plane in the Saudi kingdom expecting a cultural backlash to her elegant, free-style of Western dress.

Quite the opposite happened.

She was permitted by the Saudis to dress to impress.

Unlike her predecessor Michelle Obama, who bowed to Arab cultural pressure and wore the hijab (head scarf), Melania did it her way.

And she did it as a visitor in a strict Muslim country — one that beheads murderers, severely punishes homosexuals and adulterers, and hides women from view behind veils and head scarfs.

Much was at stake during the Trumps’ recent visit to the Saudi kingdom. And Saudi officials were fully aware they weren’t dealing with a limp noodle like Barack Obama.

They were dealing with an American president who is used to calling the shots just hours away from signing a $350 billion military arms deal with the U.S. Also at stake were millions in foreign aid.

The power clearly lies with this president. This time, it was the Saudis who had to adapt their cultural strictures to accommodate their distinguished guests.

Please share your comments if you think the U.S. President and First Lady should be required to follow the customs of foreign countries during visits.

Source: Freedom Daily



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