Do You Have a Gap Between the Nose and Upper Lip? You Will Be Amazed When You Read What That Means!


The cavity between the nose and the upper lip is called the philtrum. This area is formed so as to connect the three different points on the human face. This phase formation usually takes place during the third or fourth month of pregnancy.

 In humans, Filtrum occurs at the boundaries of where fused maxillary sinuses. It has been proven that even the majority of male patients has been extended philtrum is one of the physical signs that frequently suffer from autism.

As these gaps never joints during formation, remains the gap between the nose and upper lip This cavity usually do not bother anyone, but women who extensible go to that part of the surgery.
The operation of filling the lips can solve this problem by cutting a small portion between the nose and lips and usually remain small scar that can not be removed.

Philtrum plays a key role because it transmits moisture from the lip to the nose and keeps your nose moist. This helps in better functioning of the sense of smell. It is known that the nose of humans and other primates performs the function better when wet than dry.


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