This Healing Combination Will Cure Cancer And Many Other Diseases

This Healing Combination Will Cure Cancer And Many Other Diseases

– Dr. Budwig is a well-known German biochemist

Dr. Budwig, a well-known biochemist from Germany, found that a combination of cold pressed linseed oil and fresh cheese can successfully cure cancer and other diseases caused by fatty degeneration.

So it is not about one single ingredient, but the key is the combination …

The essence of the action of this drug is to re-establish the normal aerobic process in cancerous cells (and in all other cells), respectively,  the flaming of the sugar to be in the presence of oxygen.

Cancer cells can remain undifferentiated (unspecialized for some function in the tissue) and their cell division can be out of bounds, only if left anaerobic (flaming of sugars in the absence of oxygen).

This diet fundamentally changes the way of the breathing of cancerous cells.

In this way undifferentiated cancer cells are forced to differentiate, which results in their programmed extinguishing – apoptosis. This is the simplest explanation of the functioning principle of this diet, although perhaps for a laic this sounds vaguely. The work is deep and thorough.

To be more efficiently transported through the bloodstream to the cells, the flaxseed oil should be mixed with lean fresh cheese, Dr. Budwig recommended. Why lean cow cheese?  Because it contains the amino acids methionine and cysteine ​​which have sulphide group in their composition (SH-atom of sulfur and hydrogen)which is easily attached to fatty acids. Thus linked amino acid and fatty acid form lipoprotein, which is easily soluble in water, and thus is soluble in blood.


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