Bush BLASTS President Trump-calls him these 2 WORDS, Immediately REGRETS It!


According to the Daily Mail, Jeb Bush spoke at the annual SALT hedge fund conference in Las Vegas last Friday.  It was not reported whether he was paid to speak or whether he had to pay them.  Judging by the support he received in his 2016 presidential bid, my guess would be the latter.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Jeb Bush appeared onstage with former White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, President Barack Obama’s right-hand woman and current room mate.  That’s right, Jarrett lives with Barack Hussein and Michelle Obama in their Washington, DC mansion running a large ring of “organizers” attempting to subvert and take Donald Trump down. (VIDEO BELOW)

Bush attempted a funny by saying “‘When you have 10 overage white guys looking at things, there’s better than a 50/50 chance it’s going to be a screw-up.’ Then Bush went on to say, ‘When I ran for office, I said he is a chaos candidate and would be a chaos president. ‘Unfortunately, so far chaos organizes the presidency right now.’

The “Chaos President”  

Jeb, Jeb, Jeb.  Poor little Jebby,  Is that the best you can do?  President Donald J. Trump is out changing the world and attacking global terrorism  head on and you’re on stage with Barack Hussein Obama’a assistant rehashing your pathetic loss in front of an audience.  I’m sure Papa and George must be so so proud.   (VIDEO BELOW)

ush did go on praise Trump for making some ‘really good appointments,’ pointing out that Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch was a great pick.  He also mentioned that he believes Joe Biden will be the Democratic Presidential Nominee in 2020.  He did not say who he would vote for, however.      (VIDEO BELOW)

It did not take long for Trump social media warriors to get wing of Jeb’s comments in Las Vegas and come back with brutal reminiscences of the 2016 presidential race and Jeb’s pathetic performance, in particular.

As we all know, Jeb Bush went back on his word and would not support Donald J. Trump against Hillary Clinton.

source: swampdrain.com



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