As Melania Got Off Plane In Saudi Arabia, Reporters Noticed The INSANE Thing She’s Wearing!


Melania Trump is just beautiful. She is so stunning that she is not even being asked to wear a head scarf as she visits Saudi Arabia this week. She also wore a big smile!

According to Russia Today, America’s first lady has not been “ordered” to dress conservatively while in Saudi Arabia. Women in Saudi Arabia are typically expected to wear floor length dresses. Watch what Melania does when she gets off the plane!

A Saudi official said that the Riyadh doesn’t “demand” a dress code for visitors, but “accepts suggestions.”

“We welcome any style in clothing,” Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister, Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir.

This is a big difference between when Michelle Obama was snubbed by the Saudi’s and an all-male delegation filed past her without shaking her hand, according to the Mirror.

Aren’t you just glad that we have a President and First Lady that the Saudi’s respect?

The mainstream media won’t talk about Trump positively, but we the people like him. That’s why we need to make this go viral right now. Together we can beat the media.

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