Nancy Pelosi Just INSULTED The Whole White House


The House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi just couldn’t miss another opportunity to condemn President Trump. But this time, she told for CNN’s “New Day” that the whole administration should watch their backs.

“If you want a job at the White House, know your blood type because you’re going to get thrown overboard at some point,” Pelosi told, after President Trump’s public dislike of the travel ban.

Watch the video:

” It will be interesting to see how he reacts to their reaction to  him.”

Maybe it’s Pelosi who doesn’t understand what needs to be done. President Donald Trump made it really clear, how much the travel ban means to his Presidency, but Nancy Pelosi thinks it’s nothing more than his selfish choice.

Pelosi said: “He doesn’t care, as long as we’re talking about him — good, bad or indifferent.”


Although tweets from Trump’s Tweeter account had nothing with him, they are concerning changes made to his travel ban. Pelosi clearly neglected this information like numerous others, continuing with her assaults on President Trump’s choices and character.

Pelosi asserted, “There are so many things we should be doing, job creation and all the rest, let’s have that debate. … But he just keeps bringing attention to him.”

“It’s a tactic,” finished Pelosi.

Pelosi is apparently overlooking President Trump’s most recent abroad trip when he pulled out our country from the Paris agreement. This was his decision taken to improve the American economy and to secure new jobs.

So to sum all things, this is clearly a new attempt to attack the White House and President Trump. If the House Minority Leader wants to make a progress, she needs to cooperate with the White House and not to work against. Insulting all members of the administration and the President of the U.S. simply won’t get us anywhere. The American citizens are overhead of loud criticizers like Nancy Pelosi, and they want to see somebody who will shut their mouths with facts.


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