Look Carefully- One Of These Moles Can Be A Potential Cancer!


 “You can actually die from this!” If you don`t take seriously the warnings from dermatologists, and follow carefully the development of each mole and skin change, and protect yourself from sunlight, you can easily be the one saying this sentence.

You must be careful with moles, even when they are benign, you can never know when they can change.

Still, most of us ignore the warnings from the experts, we don`t consult our doctor about possible mole changes, nor do we use proper sun protection when we expose our skin to direct sunlight.

Look carefully the above photo. You can notice two moles. Unfortunately, one of them is a bomb waiting to explode, and you never know when or if.

We are talking the about the right one, the reddish mole, which looks like a small acne, but we have it permanently.

The photo is from a boy named Sasha J., who must check with his dermatologist at least once in every 6 months, because of this mole, as well as other red spots on his body.

This is his story:

“My father has always had many red moles all over his body. One of them started growing and burst. The wound was so itchy and painful, he had to see a dermatologist.

The doctors had bad news. They told him he had malignant melanoma, a deadly type of skin cancer.”

Luckily, the cancer was discovered very early and now, after the surgery and a few chemo treatments, he is cured.

But doctors warned him that the other moles are not so naïve. The worse thing was that Sasha has inherited them.

“I am aware than my skin can kill me any day. Although my skin tan is quite dark and I can easily get a sun tan, I`m still not safe.

As soon as the first summer sun appears, I have to put sun protection with highest UV factor.

If you see a crazy person walking down the street, with a long-sleeved shirt even though it`s 40 degrees, and a hat, it`s probably me”, says Sasha.

Also, he and his father must go to regular check-ups, and in the period between the doctor`s visits, they check themselves each spot on their skin, in order to catch in time any possible change.


“When my friends see me on the beach, covering my whole body with layers and layers or suntan lotion, they joke about how fragile I am.

But I really don`t want to pass the same hell my father did. That`s why I make everyone around me put some suntan lotion whenever we are exposed to direct sunlight”, explains Sasha and adds:

“This way I tend to warn people that cancer is not something that happens to other people, but the harsh reality that can affect any of us.”

So people, take the experts` warning seriously! Relax and enjoy the beach, but be careful and protected!

Source: nmd.mk


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