This Powerful Homemade Tea Will Cure Swollen Legs In Few Days

This Powerful Homemade Tea Will Cure Swollen Legs In Few Days

Adding a color to everyone’s plate and a beneficial source for the body too is given by the herb parsley.

But parsley has not always been used as a garnish for meals it has been used also for medical properties for over 2000 years. It can help to cure and prevent numerous health issues but it has proven itself that it is best cure for swollen legs and feet.

How Parsley Helps for Swollen Feet

For many years, parsley has been used to reduce swelling and boost energy levels. It is a natural diuretic, meaning that it can help the body to eliminate the excess fluid. Moreover, it can also flush out the excess salt that can contribute to the development of edema.

Parsley has the ability to support your kidneys, which are responsible for flushing toxins and urine out of your body. Including parsley in your daily diet as well as drinking plenty of water will help your body to flush out toxins and water more quickly and consistently. The high potassium content is another benefit of using parsley as a diuretic.

Chemical diuretics, on the other hand often flush potassium out of your body, causing many side effects. Using parsley can help to maintain healthy potassium levels.

How to Prepare Parsley Tea

An easy way to include this herb into your diet and treat your swelling is by preparing your own parsley tea at home. It is recommended to drink up to two quarts of parsley tea on a daily basis.


First, boil a pot of water. Chop fresh parsley leaves into small pieces. Then, pour 1 cup of boiling water into a tea cup and add ¼ cup of chopped parsley leaves. Let the tea steep for 5-10 minutes. Make sure to strain out the parsley leaves and drink the tea. If you want you can add a little ginger and honey to taste.

It is recommended to consume your parsley tea warm in order to obtain the maximum effects.

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