RECKONING BEGINS: Trump Just Said The FIVE Words That Obama Didn’t Want Him To Say


When people look back on the actual record of the Obama administration, will they talk about social advancement, togetherness and a grand economy? Or will they reflect on the reality of divided cities, poverty and an economy that for some reason couldn’t quite take off?

The economy under Obama had almost everything going for it, yet failed to deliver the promise it showed, and Donald Trump has just hit the nail on the head for the reason why…Complete mismanagement of taxpayer money. Or as President Trump so eloquently put it: “A complete waste of money”.

IN fact, the mismanagement was so bad, and the overspending on failed projects so huge, that many are wondering if it was not actually a case of the Democrats flooding their campaign war chest with your money. When we consider that the HUD budget was somehow billions of dollars “mis-accounted” it looks more and more likely that some kind of scheme to funnel money was in place.

President Trump ripped Obama today. OOOHOHHOHOH. That was so good. Trump just exposed to the whole lamestream media how bad Obama was as President. Just wait till you see that in the video below…

Watch Obama’s Face at 0:33. This Leaked Video Will Destroy Obama’s Legacy

POTUS TRUMP: “The previous administration spent over $7 billion trying to upgrade the system and totally failed. Honestly, they didn’t know what the hell they were doing. A total waste of money. $7 billion plus-plus.”

That’s the five words. “A total waste of money.”

Obama probably didn’t want anyone to know how he spent $7 billion on a failed upgrade. If you ever wondered where your tax dollars went, that’s where they went. They went right into failed policies.

This is why Trump is trying to drain the swamp – so that we can get right to making America great.



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