What To Do If You See Blister Or Sores On Your Genitals… Don’t Panic Here Is What You Need To Do!


Vaginal blister is something all women can get. They are caused by friction, ingrown hair, and clogged sweat glands. Anyway, you should differentiate between typical S’TD blister or bump and non-STD v@vaginal or vulvar blister.

An ordinary v@vaginal blister looks like any other blister and may include fluid or blood. Moreover, they may have oval or circular shape and feel like a gel bubble on the touch. They should not have an obvious border and they should not itch, burn, or smell badly. Typically, they appear as a single blister.

Are they painful?

They can occur anywhere on the vulva, but usually they are unnoticed until some sort of friction happens. Also, they are not painful, but when directly touched they can be a bit painful. Anyway, if you are not touching it, it should not cause pain.

How to treat it?

Have a good soak in a hot bath. When soaked in water, blisters are encouraged to rupture naturally and without any pain. Try not to open them by yourself because this way you are more prone to infection. Leave them go through their course in a natural way and the healing will start on its own.

How long do blisters last? 

Usually, these blisters don’t last more than a week. However, there are times when it can take longer than a week if the body needs longer period to heal.

Source: http://healthexpertgroup.com


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