Simple Yet Effective Recipe To Lower Sugar In The Blood – With Blueberries!


Diabetes or the so-called silent killer is a disease that does not show serious symptoms, so often we do not know we have it. High levels of blood sugar are accompanied by high blood pressure and elevated blood lipids. Blueberry twig, together with its leaves, is an effective mean when it comes to reducing blood sugar. Diabetes can be recognized by some of the following symptoms:

— Dry mouth and increased thirst

— Increased need to urinate

— Increased desire for food

— Sudden weigh loss even though you eat as you always do

— Fatigue and weakness

— Frequent infections

— Blurry vision

— Wounds that need lot of time to heal

Nature has many ways to fight the disease, and one of them is the use of berries, such as blueberries i.e. their twigs. According to folk medicine, this recipe can lower blood sugar within a month. You need one tablespoon of crushed blueberry twigs, which you need to place them in a bowl, pour a cup of boiling water over them and cook them for ten minutes. You should leave the prepared tea to stand still for an hour in covered container. Strain the tea afterwards and drink in small sips throughout the entire day. Repeat the procedure over a month.


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