BOMBSHELL: World’s top psychiatrist says Trump most BRILLIANT president ever


No, Donald J. Trump is not crazy.  He’s “crazy like a fox” according to world renowned psychiatrist Keith Ablow.  Donald Trump may do things differently than anyone has ever done things, but it’s not just “off the cuff” as it may look. Trump has a genius mind, and everything he does is by design. Many times the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) may think they are getting the best of President Trump, but in reality, they are doing exactly what he anticipated. How else do you think a presidential candidate could spend 1/2 as much as his opponent and win?


The liberal media is doing everything they can to bring our new president down.  It’s our job to get the TRUTH out on social media.

Partial transcript (Dr. Ablow’s words)

You can’t run a multinational corporation, enjoy the respect, and love of your children, and your wife, and recruit to your administration, which by the way, you happen to be occupying, because you defeated 16 Republican primary opponents, and the heir-apparent to the Democratic administration, and then be called unbalanced. He’s quite balanced! He’s achieving things no one else has achieved. That doesn’t mean he’s usual, he can be extraordinary, and he can have a very different approach, but to call him crazy, would be well, craziness you know.
When I trained in medicine, part of my rotations were through surgery. Some of the best
surgeons had some quirks, right, an errant word, something yelled out in the OR. You know you’d want doing your surgery? Those very guys! They weren’t the polished ones, they were the geniuses man!  And, we’ve got a genius in the Oval Office, and if we think he’s going to subscribe entirely to protocol and be flawless and polished, think again!  

Hang on tight – this is going to be a presidency to remember!


  1. The “world’s top psychiatrist” is also a big promoter of Golo, a weight loss product. That certainly qualifies him to rate our president’s intelligence.

          • F and D are immediately adjacent to each other on the keyboard and even the meanest minded cretin would recognise “od” as a typo. A typo does not indicate ignorance, but the incorrect use of a posssessive pronoun as a verb does.

          • I was going to write “of” too but then saw someone else did but then thought just a slip of the finger, I do it all the time. I hope I’m not the only one here with spell check that underlines the word in Red or Blue when misspelled.

          • Spell Check is sometimes incorrect and isn’t as accurate or dependable as having a good education.

            Ablow shouldn’t be faulted for wanting to sponsor something non-conflicting with his profession and take in a little extra cash. That doesn’t reflect on his competency as a top notch Psychiatrist (unless you’re jealous).

            As a retired licensed shrink (CA & WA) myself, I agree; Trump is a solid genius. His IQ is probably off the scale of the standard IQ test. … Live with it.

          • Has anyone considered that the word “conSider” is spelled with an “S” rather than a C? Albert?

        • If you didn’t know what was being said then how did you ever determine it was being said wrong?

          • I find it quite strange that in the just concluded American elections the people are still complaining about your newly elected PRESIDENT Donald Trump as educated people we look at what the media, pool groups say but in this case they were 200 percentage wrong ,so that simply means this guy is is a genius.

      • We all make typos from time to time; however, the correction made was correct. The apostrophe indicates a letter is omitted. In this case, it is the ‘a’. You’re means you are. Your indicates ownership: your car, your house, your remark. Also, to be noted in the doctor’s assessment of President Trump, his ex-wife also endorsed him.

        • And consider is not spelled c o n c i d e r. If you’re going to rag on someone’s post, spelling or otherwise, proofread your own! Just saying . . . . . .

        • A very good point – surely what your ex’s think of you is a good measure of the man. I note that during the election when the Hillary camp were trying to find something ANYTHING to fling at Trump they got absolutely nothing from his former wives. In fact the exact opposite – an ex-wife endorsed him! I would add that in addition to this I saw an interview with a young Hispanic woman who had been employed by Trump after she had met him. She spoke unreservedly about his generosity and said that such was the impression he made on her she would have said so even if he hadn’t given her a job (which she hadn’t asked him for)! This was at the time when claims of his misogyny and racism filled the media coverage. I think the doctor’s assessment of Trump is credible.

          • Of course his exes kept quiet, they signed legally binding non disclosures, they don’t want to get sued by the vindictive big fat orange buffoon.

          • I agree entirely and Tracy you CANT keep ex’s quiet as there is always someone else who will offer more money to speak out!! Bing naïve here I think as well as surly……

    • Try as you may, Dr Ablow’s credentials and experience as a psychiatrist is solid, respected, and his psychiatric opinions sought; you on the other hand, are an irrational, biased uninformed idio. God Bless.

    • And? Hes not the first nor will he be the last to recognize how smart Trump is – Liberals live in a world where media spoon feeds everything to them – A liberal school did a study and found that the news is over 80% bias to Liberals, and we all know about CNN- the exec producer admitted that the Trump/Russian collusion investigation is a whole lot of BS, and that they were just doing it for ratings,,, nice,,, wasting our taxpayer money and time on BS , while laughing about it- Diversion from the truth about the last amin, – a bunch of hardcore criminals moving an agenda along , pathetic – Liberals will be the ruin of this nation,

    • That’s your comeback? So what if he does support Golo??? What does that have to do with anything? He’s the world’s top psychiatrist, you dumb ass! I think that gives his opinion precedence over yours!!!!

  2. Those who can’t see how brilliant Trump is are the dumb ones. You’ve been fooled all this time and he will just keep winning.

    • This psychiatrist is probably being paid by Trump to say this nonsense. Of course he is a dangerous lunatic dictator criminal. I couldn’t care less what this moron says. It’s bullshit. evil reigns in America

      • Ur a f*cking idiot!! It does not take a phd to understand what he says is true! Trump has to be pretty f*cking smart to have accomplished so much…he’s not a criminal…ovomit was/is..Trump has done more in 100 days than dumbo ears did on 8 yrs!!..he would have alot more done, if he didnt have to fight the libtards on every single proposal! …someone as ignorant as you wouldnt understand the level of intelligence at work here…so why dont u go strap on a pussy mask n STFU!!

      • Evil is of this world / he who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. Donald Trump accepted God has his savior and many many Christians are praying for him/ and his Vice President is Christian and advisor – so I do not believe the rhetoric and hateful slurs you expouse and will pray for your forgiveness. 1st John 3:17-19. The greatest commandment is to love your brother as your self – you can’t get to heaven on hate. We conservatives disagreed with President Obama, and remained civil; the least you could do is likewise as an intelligent and Godly person.

      • Just because all the Demos pay off people to get what they want, doesn’t mean Trump does that too. I’m sure the Dr. Knows what he’s talking about!

      • “None so deaf as those who will not hear. None so blind as those who will not see.” — Matthew Henry

    • If Donald J. Trump is brilliant, then so are 5 billion other people. I’m guessing his I.Q. is around 100-110 and his emotional I.Q. is almost 0, as actual psychiatric professionals have pointed out. He’s also dangerously incapable, emotionally and intellectually.

  3. A Nazi psychiatrist! It takes a moron to see any “intellect” in this egotistical loser. Successful? Yes. He successfully lies swindled, scams and thieves from the innocent. Successfully files bankruptcy multiple times. Everytime he opens his mouth he sounds like a 3rd grade educated idiot.

  4. The libs won’t like this assessment. … BTW, as a retired licensed (CA & WA) psychotherapist I came to the same conclusion long before Trump was elected. So did my two closest colleagues and lifelong friends, independent of knowing my and each other’s views.

    • Keith Ablow is a quack. Donald Trump may be a genius with his manipulation and lying skills, but his “loving” family is codependent, his administration is a submissive organization of codependents, and most Americans with common sense can recognize dysfunction that is this dangerous from an unstable and deranged man. Obviously Trump’s spectrum behaviors are becoming more destructive as they are impacted by chronic stress. Donald Trump has the personality called “The Dark Triad” (Narcissistic, Machiavellian, Sociopathic). “Dr” Keith Ablow is a pathetic example of how an “overly ambitious” professional will pimp himself for fame or money.

      • you guys are pretty dumb, this is a typical New Yorker, knows exactly what he is saying and doing drawing in the enemy. for the kill. He has been doing it for the pass 18 months, winning at every turn,
        and u still don’t get it. you will never survive in the Big City, they will eat u up.

    • Texanforever, you obviously are wrong then. Trump may be cunning. But he is a conman and a dangerous lunatic dictator criminal evil in America and the laughing stock of the rest of the world. So your opinion is pathetic and irrelevant because obviously you do NOT understand how dangerous this uneducated, unable to even express himself dodo is totally dangerous narcissist. his ego will be his downfall. Trust me I have seen the way these evil con narcissists end up. Yep. Losers but very harmful to others. AND BTW, HIS WIFE CAN’T stand this male chauvinist pig abuser filthy rapist, sexist racist ugly soul

  5. I was really surprised when Trump did not appoint Trey Gowdy as Attorney General because he would have been brilliant in the job and he would already have indicted all of the key players in the Washington Swamp. Next best position for Trey Gowdy is as FBI Director because he will ensure that proper investigations are conducted and that the Swamp is drained quickly.

    • The swamp is trump and his cronies. They are all corrupt evil and especially dangerous but dumb. Liars that gullibles are sucked in. Yes clever conman but dumb just the same. His evil is beyond what anyone can imagine

      • Keri!!! You are the true Evil, on this Post, as are the Other Democrates, who talk like You!!!
        Example Hillary Clinton & the rest, of the D.N.C. (Demonic National Committee)! GOD put the President, in Power & nothing You, or anyone else does, can Change that! Our Govn.
        Under Presiden Obama & the Clinton’s, is & was, the Most Corrupt ever. Many people, to
        include Hillary & Oboma, plus James Comey, Loretta Lynch & Others, will be seeing jail time, shortly! Then YOU will know, where the Real Evil lies…

      • Keri u really are an ASS, you don’t become CEO’s, Millionaires and Billionaire by being dumb, stop drinking that cool aid you will feel better.It might unclogged that Liberal brain of your’s.

  6. I am far from being an “English professor” or “typing expert” but just have to say this. So many people posting in the reply sections of this type article, are obviously intelligent, but don’t proofread. And this makes their posts difficult to figure out, because of so many mistypes and misspelled words. It doesn’t take long to just quickly read thru what you have just typed, and some of you will probably be amazed at all the errors. This is my first comment of this sort, but have to finally comment, and hope some who read it will take my words to heart. My intentions are just to help.

    • It is because those who vote or support trump are actually Dumbos. Gullibles and uneducated who believe anything told to them because they do not have the ability to analyse truth from fiction. Trump is an evil dumb dangerous conman, nothing more. Evil

      • Keri, you are a vile little pathetic loser, that supported Obama. Without a doubt the worst President America ever was stupid enough to vote into office. Check his Muslim background you stupid dumb-ass.

      • Get a life! You don’t need to spew that hatred! Trump supporters are tired of the previous “Dems” who were (are) trying to make us a third world country! We don’t want to welcome terrorists, and others that insist we take on their morals, and corrupt treatment of women, or bow to their demands. We welcome those who are wanting to come and live “free” lives. If they can leave bad customs, and accept that we intend to live free, they are welcome.

      • FIRST OF ALL: “Keri Heart”, when u say all supports of Trump are dumbos i find that insulting…I’m not dumbo, uneducated, or gullible…I do have enough sense to know and understand a brilliant business man “thank God not a politician”, who knows exactly how to play his foes…The foes aren’t even smart enough to figure that out, how stupid is that…Which btw, goes along with everything you have stated here…Is there actually a rating for your stupidity?? Wake up and look around, there is a new sheriff in town…He ain’t taking no shit off any of the dumb DEM…and, he doesn’t use normal stupid methods to accomplish his goals for our Country…In case u haven’t noticed He is the only one that has given a rats ass about this Country and its’ people in a very long time…YouLostGetOverIt!!! wow 🙁

  7. this man is absolutely correct… give president Trump a chance…

    he is getting all his ducks in a row …

    he is playing the game of watch them squirm!!!
    he might not choose someone we see fit because he can see behind closed doors and curtains..

    . hang tight and hold onto the bar …..THE RIDE IS JUST BEGINNING!!!




  8. the doctor and trump they are an asshole stupid, I don’t know in which university he studied but please , help us he really stink

    • Keith Ablow is a quack. Donald Trump may be a genius with his manipulation and lying skills, but his “loving” family is codependent, his administration is a submissive organization of codependents, and most Americans with common sense can recognize dysfunction that is this dangerous from an unstable and deranged man. Obviously Trump’s spectrum behaviors are becoming more destructive as they are impacted by chronic stress. Donald Trump has the personality called “The Dark Triad” (Narcissistic, Machiavellian, Sociopathic). “Dr” Keith Ablow is a pathetic example of how an “overly ambitious” professional will pimp himself for fame or money.

      • I agree with you entirely. There really are some dumb people including some who are supposedly educated. This bullshit professor is just another pathetic groupie with no common sense or innate sense of who is evil and corrupt and dangerous for America

        • I think you obviously fall into that “dumb” category. You provide no accurate or authentic opinions other than what you’ve heard on CNN or huffpost.

      • So many whining liberals/ Dems on here its so funny watching you squirm and cry about Trump winning. Trump is your president so get over it. He will be your president for 8 years. Dems will not get a president for the next 20 after Trump gets done getting rid of all the illegal immigrant votes. When all the power is returned to the states instead of an over reaching federal government. America will be great again now that Trump is President.

        • I can’t help but agree with samlam. I am praying for our President Trump to be successful in getting the corruptness out of our Government. This is the only way to do it and it makes them so angry and vile with their language and actions against the “good” that Mr. Trump is doing! May God have mercy on our Country!

    • If you only had a brain that had not been brainwashed by progressive liberal garbage. If you want to see where the crap you obviously support lead to, just look at The wonderful life being lived in Venezuela.

  9. Keith Ablow is a quack. Donald Trump may be a genius with his manipulation and lying skills, but his “loving” family is codependent, his administration is a submissive organization of codependents, and most Americans with common sense can recognize dysfunction that is this dangerous from an unstable and deranged man. Obviously Trump’s spectrum behaviors are becoming more destructive as they are impacted by chronic stress. Donald Trump has the personality called “The Dark Triad” (Narcissistic, Machiavellian, Sociopathic). “Dr” Keith Ablow is a pathetic example of how an “overly ambitious” professional will pimp himself for fame or money.

    • Think about you dumb ass libs repetitive taking points, you all sound like bird brains, I’m sorry for offering bird’s? I can’t believe you call Out president all those vile names, after all Obama left Trump a mess to clean up and u hope and pray Trump makes 2 terms?

  10. What on Earth makes this guy “The world’s top psychiatrist”? A statement that includes the assertion, “…we have a genius in the Oval Office…” , is evidence that this tool deserves no such accolade. He breathes different air from the rest of us.
    “Well look, he’s president…”. Yes, because his (Trump’s) “genius” is in being divisive and appealing to the lowest common denominator, feeding on the deep dissatisfaction that a large part of the electorate feels with the political and economic status quo.
    While I have no hesitation in saying Trump is no Hitler, the same political dynamic applied in the rise of of Trump as did in the rise of that monster.

  11. Medical Experts Condemn Fox’s Keith Ablow: “Shameful” And “Unfortunate That He Is Given A Platform”

  12. […] Today, President Donald J. Trump proved what a powerful leader he is. At a summit in Saudi Arabia, he stepped up in front of 50 of the world’s most powerful Muslim leaders at the Summit of Muslim World Leaders and said something no American has ever had the courage to say.  This will absolutely blow your mind.  President Trump has more courage than any man on the planet.  What he does at 1:30 into the video clip will make you stand and CHEER!  (VIDEO BELOW) […]

  13. Buddy, you more probably than not, have been paid by Trumpty Dumpty’s family….you aren’t fooling anybody, moron‼️?????????

  14. It’s so funny when people get focused on completely mundane, irrelevant, useless topics while Trump puts this country back on track.
    Carry on.

  15. Top psychiatrist, my ass. He writes like any other semi-literate Facebook troll. That’s probably who wrote this and ascribed it to a doctor to give it some legitimacy. Totally illegitimate. Smh.

  16. Whatever your opinion, you can’t argue results and the results are Trump has all the leftist’s panties in a wad! hahahaha

  17. Wow. Anyone ever heard of this ass clown? Oh, I get it. A new Trump invention: “Shrink Rap”?

  18. Anyone who rate Donald Trump as a genius is a confimed asshole. Sometimes Donald forgets that he is the President of America. God save America.

  19. My general comment about the comments attached to this thread: what happened to civility and mutusl respect? I genuinely fear for our nation, but not primarily because of who is in the Oval, Square or Rhomboid Office. If we can’t learn to “Love our Neighbor”, NO President will succeed.


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