Powerful Weight Loss Diet Plan From Cardiologists – Burn 10 Pounds In Only 5 Days!

Amazing-Weight-Loss-Diet plan-From-Cardiologists-–-Lose-10-Pounds-In-Just-5-Days
Amazing-Weight-Loss-Diet plan-From-Cardiologists-–-Lose-10-Pounds-In-Just-5-Days

Today we are going to reveal the most effective diet plan that lasts for 15 days, recommended by one of the best cardiologists in Europe, Dr. Jean Mitrev. During the whole diet regimen, breakfast is same every single day and it contains a fruit such as: pear, watermelon, melon, orange and peach, bananas and grapes are forbidden

Day 1

Lunch: a boiled egg, orange, and 200ml (a cup) of yogurt

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, 2 dl of cooked tomatoes (or 2 tomatoes), 2 pieces of rusk, half cucumber or one small piece of lettuce.

Day 2

Lunch: 200ml of yogurt and 1 orange

Dinner: a cup of sugar free tea or coffee, one orange, one rusk, 125g boiled beef and one tomato.

Day 3

Lunch: a lettuce or cucumber, a cup of yogurt and one boiled egg.

Dinner: a cup of sugar free tea or coffee, one rusk, 125g boiled beef, one orange

Day 4

Lunch: a rusk, 125g cheese (cow) and a tomato

Dinner: a ruck, an apple, 125 boiled beef and two tomatoes

Day 5

Lunch: a rusk, tomato and200g of boiled meat or fish

Dinner: 500g of peas, carrot or potato (boiled)


You should avoid salt while cooking or you can use in small amounts or you can use himalayan salt. You should make a pause on the 6th and 7th day and continue on the 8th day. You should also avoid alcohol during the regimen. You will definitely burn 5-10 pounds during this period. It depends how strictly you will stick to the rules.

Make a break for 2 days and then continue with the same plan for the 3rd times (5 days diet – 2 days pause).

If you stick to the diet rules correctly, you will burn 30 pounds without side effect. For keeping this (ideal) weight, you should consume the following foods on Mondays:

Breakfast: only a cup of sugar free lemon juice

Lunch: a rusk and an apple

Dinner: a rusk, a boiled egg and a tomato

If you try to substitute one food with another, the diet will not give you the best and desired results.

Have a nice day and enjoy your body like never before.

Source: healthylifetricks.com


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