Whoa! A Drastic Increase Of Monthly Payments – Social Security Recipients Delighted


Donald Trump keeps his promises and now he announced something huge, something that will make millions of Americans cheering. The Social Security program became a real difficulty for our previous administration. Barack Obama and his socialist/communist ideology was so FAKE that destroyed the lives of thousands of American families.

Barack Obama was ‘building up’ the welfare policy instead of giving JOBS. He thought that it will be great if he gives the low or no-income families stamps.

On the other hand, instead of making corporations stay in the USA and open more and more jobs for Americans, Barack Obama made it possible for them to open gigantic factories overseas, in the third world countries.
Donald Trump promised that the globalist policy will remain history. This is what our President vowed a couple of times during the election campagin:

“As President, I’ll secure and strengthen Medicare and Social Security. We’ll do this with strong economic growth — by bringing our jobs back from Mexico and China, by establishing new jobs and stopping U.S. corporations from fleeing from our country. American citizens won’t lose their programs under Trump.”

Now, everything changes. Donald Trump has some great news for all of the social security recipients.

Donald Trump announced that monthly payment is raised to $1.360 for single recipients and $2.260 for married couples. Also, nobody will be penalized this year and all of the social recipients will receive their fair share.

This is great! If you’re able to realize what actually is happening in our economy, you know that we can recover our middle class, our consumers, and also help the social security recipients and the low-income families get stronger and have an opportunity to get rich.

America will be again the land of free, the land of opportunities and prosperity.

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