Women Consumed This Beverage For Two Months. The Weight Loss Results Were Unbelievable!


Experts from the University of Taiwan decided to do a simple experiment: a group of women of different ages and weight were given to drink one cup (250 ml) of tomato juice every day for two months.

The tested women were not changing their eating habits nor did they exercise. However, the results were visible already a few days — scientists who conducted the experiment reveal.

The fastest and most visible change was the loss of excess body weight. Experts say that it is not excess fluids that are ejected, but pure fat has been lost.

Women who participated in the experiment analyzed their blood at the beginning and in end of the study.

Lowering cholesterol and increased lycopene (tomato’s antioxidant that brings many benefits to health) have been noticed.

The experiment showed that just a glass of tomato juice a day strengthens the immune system, protects against heart disease, but also reduces the risk of developing cancer. Moreover, this refreshing beverage helps with problems with digestion, helps in the process of ejecting fluid from the body, and prevents diseases of the bladder, pancreas, liver and lungs.

Tomato juice is also great for skin and shiny complexion. It significantly reduces cough, prevents anemia, relieves rheumatic symptoms and improves blood counts.

If you are tired after a workout, drink a glass of tomato juice and the exhaustion will disappear. This juice is excellent for muscle cramps because it is a treasure trove of magnesium-containing 11 mg. of magnesium in 100 grams of tomato juice.

Since it is rich with potassium, calcium, soy proteins, carbohydrates and vitamin C you should start consuming this juice as soon as possible.

If you consume tomato juice bought from the store, then at least buy organic matter, otherwise the effect will not be the same. However, it is best to make the juice at home with familiar ingredients:

— 6 kg of tomatoes

— 4 tablespoons of sugar

— 2 tablespoons of salt

Method of preparation

Take the steams off, wash the tomatoes well with cold water, then chop and grind them and finally add the sugar and salt and bring the mixture to boil. Stir often so it does not burn. Once the mixture starts boiling, cook for another 10 minutes by constantly stirring. Put the hot cooked tomato juice in glass bottles and close the tightly. Once they cool, store the bottles in a cool place.



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